There are many ways to begin your embroidery journey.

DIY Your Way

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience, my embroidery kits come fully prepped with pre-printed fabric, already set tight in the hoop, needles, full skeins of all the thread you need, and an option to have the instruction guide printed out in full color. Kits come in plastic-free packaging and are ready to stitch.


If you want a minimal investment and the freedom to choose your own adventure, try one of my digital patterns. A quick purchase allows you to download the pattern template and instruction guide instantly and dive right in with the materials of your choosing.


The Mediterranean Collection

My sister and I spent a couple of weeks in sunny Spain last summer. We hiked along the coastline, stood in awe of the Barcelona architecture, admired the olive trees, drank sangria, and swam in the mediterranean. It was an adventure that we will never forget. This collection is a snapshot of our trip together, with the warmth, freshness, and joy we felt there.  


The Wilder Collection

Elevation gives way to so much natural beauty–the air is crisp and thin, the layers of peaks, hills, and valleys seemingly endless. When we experience a wild alpine landscape we can feel at once so small and so connected to all life on Earth.

This trio of patterns was born from my love of mountain landscapes, the botanical wonders that grow only there, and the feeling of retreating to the wilderness for nourishment and rejuvenation.


The Paradise Collection

It’s been such a privilege to spend time in the Hawaiian Islands and immerse myself in the beauty of their sand, sun, rainbows, and waterfalls. I created this collection of five lush, tropical, rainbow-inspired designs to remind me of the warmth I felt in that magical place. 


The Meadows Collection

I was born and raised in a valley full of meadows, orchards, vineyards, and farmlands. The views and the moments I spent there are forever etched in my mind and they are a place I return to in my mind when I’m searching for peace and calm.
This collection features four dreamy patterns filled with warmth, texture, and approachable for every skill level. 


Way back in 2017 I had one of those rare moments of creative inspiration that popped into my head and worked itself out so quickly, I felt like a mere conduit for the idea instead of the creator of it. Somewhere deep inside my brain I had the idea to fill an entire embroidery hoop with stitching, edge to edge with bands of color. The lines creating the pattern were a combination of two ideas, the topo maps I studied in a landscape architecture class in college, and the marbled insides of the geodes I collected as a child. I created this Marbled Pattern in February of 2017 and it was so popular that I refreshed it in 2020 with 5 new colorways, a brand new instruction guide, updated templates, and more. This pattern has made it into the hands of hundreds of stitchers and continues to be one that both novice and seasoned stitchers revisit, both to play with color and to relax into the comfort of soothing satin stitch.

The Marbled

- Hope

Mini Mountain Kit

This is my second kit that I have purchased from Lark Rising Studios! The kit is very complete - whole skeins of thread, a pre-stretched printed linen in the frame, and the best instructions. Everything comes in a great box that makes it easy to move your project from the couch to the carto the beach. I'll be back for another kit 

- Derseys

MeadowLark Kit

Fun new pattern by Lauren! Everything you need to get started is in this kit. The instructions are clear and thorough. The hardest part was choosing a color.

- Kelly

Floral Splash Kit

I love this kit! It was packaged very nicely...The instructions are very clear and helpful. I also watched the free videos on Lark Rising Embroidery’s website, which provided great tips and tricks. I’ve never embroidered before, but it turned out nicely between the PDF and videos. I can’t wait to make more!

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